Travelling Abroad

Travelling Abroad

Driving your company vehicle abroad for a business trip or holiday? These important guidelines will help to ensure you are fully covered and legal to drive your vehicle in other countries before starting your journey.

Travelling Abroad

Don’t start your journey without these items

  • Your full UK driving licence.
  • A vehicle on hire certificate (VE103B), requested from FleetEurope or your vehicle funder (we will advise) no less than ten working days before your departure date.
  • Your motor insurance certificate and insurance contact details, requested from your employer. (Ensure your policy has extra cover for things like theft or damage to your vehicle while abroad).
  • Green Card, for travelling to countries outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), excluding Andorra, Serbia and Switzerland.
  • Your passport.
  • Breakdown cover. Although this is not a legal requirement, we strongly recommend arranging personal breakdown cover for your vehicle before you travel to avoid the risk of expensive recovery bills.

Essential Car Kit List

Here is a list of some mandatory equipment you’ll need to take with you to avoid a roadside fine, depending on the countries you are driving to.

Useful Information

It’s important to make a note of the different speed, alcohol and minimum driving age limits for the countries you intend to visit.

* The speed limits shown above are for general guidance only. You must adhere to locally signed speed restrictions at all times. Source: Alphabet (GB), June 2017.

Repairs to your Company Vehicle

If your company vehicle requires repair work while you are abroad, please ensure you only undertake essential repairs and use a franchised dealer where possible. Request a receipt from the repairer and contact FleetEurope about the work as soon as possible.