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Mobile Phone Driver

Handheld mobile phone use at the wheel ‘getting worse’

Across all age groups, a quarter (25%) of drivers – the equivalent of 10 million people – admit to illegally making or receiving calls while driving, compared to 24% in 2017, new RAC figures suggest. Frighteningly though, the research for RAC Report on Motoring reveals dramatic rises in the proportion of younger working-age drivers admitting to using a phone illegally in 2018. Drivers in the 25 to 34 and 35 to 44 age groups admit to a range of dangerous activities [...]


FN50 survey reveals the most reliable company cars in 2018

If you spend the working week with a Costa in the cupholder, a pressed shirt hanging in the rear window, and covering more miles than Chris Rea at Christmas, the chances are you drive a company car. So, you’ll need a vehicle that’s as reliable as your timekeeping and as well-constructed as those triple-height burgers you consume on a daily basis. Fortunately, the Fleet News FN50 reliability survey is here to help. Put simply, these are the most reliable company [...]

French Motorist Survey

UK motorists unaware of new French driving laws

More than half (59%) of drivers are unfamiliar with a range of new driving regulations introduced this year in France, a new RAC has found. Three-quarters (78%) of respondents were not aware the speed limit on France’s secondary ‘D’ roads was reduced from 1 July from 55mph to 50mph, a move designed to reduce accidents. Failure to comply could leave UK drivers with a penalty of up to €750 (about £670), which is now all the more likely as fines can [...]

Hyundai Tucson

JD Power survey crowns Hyundai as most reliable car brand

JD Power’s latest dependability survey into the most reliable car brands has seen a surprise result this year with Korean manufacturer Hyundai reaching the top spot and BMW falling from grace as the least reliable. The study measures problems experienced during the past 12 months by original owners of vehicles in the UK after 12-36 months of ownership. Hyundai was shown to achieve the least faults per 100 vehicles. Hyundai was shown to achieve the least faults per 100 vehicles. The [...]

RAC Survey

RAC survey shows average speed cameras are better at slowing traffic than fixed cameras

RAC figures show that eight in 10 drivers think average speed cameras are better at slowing traffic than traditional fixed ones. According to a poll of over 2,000 motorists, 79% claim the average speed cameras are most effective at slowing traffic, compared to just 9% who thought fixed location cameras worked better. Average speed cameras are commonly used to monitor the speed of vehicles traveling on motorways and track speeds over longer distances. However, the study shows motorists remain unsure about cameras [...]

Mobile Phone Driving

Prosecutions of drivers using mobile phones behind the wheel is declining

A combination of fewer traffic police, increased fines and improved connectivity in new vehicles is likely behind a 30% drop in motorists being charged with using their mobile phone while at the wheel. The latest statistics for England and Wales, from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), show the number of offences dropped from 13,000 in 2016 to 9,000 in 2017. However, the decline doesn’t tally with the sentiment of UK drivers expressed in numerous surveys, where a significant minority admit to [...]

Driving Abroad BVRLA

DVLA issues warning to drivers planning Summer getaway

The DVLA has again warned motorists not to take their vehicle abroad without their V5C logbook, providing a timely reminder to drivers of leased or hired vehicles that they will require a vehicle on hire certificate (VE103) from their rental or leasing provider. The VE103 certificate is an authenticated extract of the logbook and ensures drivers have the correct documentation to legally travel in Europe in a hire vehicle. On average 4.1 million British drivers travel to Europe each year [...]

Company Car Driver Survey

Company Car Drivers spend almost three years of their career in the driving seat

A recent fleet survey into the habits of company car drivers has revealed they are spending around three years of their working life behind the wheel. The poll of 1,000 business drivers, commissioned by ŠKODA showed that the average employee spends more than two and a half hours in their car on a typical working day. That adds up to 13 hours a week or 26 days every year. During a standard 40-year career (age 25-65) this equates to two [...]

Choosing a Company Car

New study reveals company car driver decision-making when choosing a vehicle

According to a new report by Sewells Research & Insight, company car drivers start considering their next company car shortly after taking delivery of their current vehicle. The Fleet: Driver study also showed that the longer the process of choosing a new car goes on, the less enjoyable the experience becomes. The research was conducted with six focus groups of company car drivers, including more than 50 drivers and 1,000 online interviews among user-choosers in the market for a new company [...]