Important Contacts

Important Contacts

Here’s all the key contact details you’ll need to manage your company vehicle, from a chip in your windscreen to booking your vehicle in for routine servicing or maintenance at an approved local service centre.

Important Contacts

Servicing & Maintenance: 01494 435055


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Call the FleetEurope Operations Team on 01494 435055 or email and we will be happy to assist with any queries you may have about your vehicle.

This will include booking your vehicle in for servicing, MOT’s and any other maintenance work required. We can also arrange a collection and delivery service to your home or workplace, or a courtesy car while your vehicle is in at no extra cost, subject to availability.

Windscreen Repairs: 0800 999 8000

Auto Windscreens – Account Number FLE094

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Call 0800 999 8000 or log on to to arrange an appointment. You will need the following to proceed: Vehicle Registration Number, Account Number, Order Number (use the Registration Number), Current Mileage and Post Code of where you would like the work carried out.

Important Note: If you have a crack in your windscreen please get this looked at ASAP. A repair can be 5-6 times cheaper than a replacement. If your windscreen has any integrated Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, e.g. cameras or sensors, the vehicle may need to be taken to a dealership for recalibration. Auto Windscreens will advise you.

Tyres: 0800 222 111

Kwik-Fit Fleet (Preferred Provider) – Account Number P1513A

Kwik-Fit Fleet

Call 0800 222 111 to find your local Kwik-Fit centre or 0800 42 52 62 to arrange for a pre-booked Mobile Tyre Service. You will need the following to proceed: Registration Number, Account Number, Tyre Size, Current Mileage and Post Code (if the Mobile Service is used).

National Tyres (Secondary Provider) – Account Number 194504

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Call 0800 70 80 70 to find your local National Tyres centre or to arrange for a pre-booked Mobile Tyre Service. You will need the following to proceed: Vehicle Registration Number, Account Number, Tyre Size, Current Mileage and Post Code (if you use the Mobile Service).

Important Note: In an emergency call The AA. The minimum legal tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm. FleetEurope’s policy is to change worn tyres when they reach 2mm. To find out how to check the tread depth and pressure of your tyres, visit the Maintaining your Vehicle section of DriveHub for some useful tips. Don’t take risks – If you are unsure about the condition of your tyres, take your vehicle into your local Kwik-Fit centre for a safety check as soon as possible.

Breakdown: 0800 975 7906

AA – Account Number BCASP 175157

The AA

Call 0800 975 7906 if you require breakdown services. You will need the following to proceed: Provide your Vehicle Registration Number and confirm the vehicle is covered by FleetEurope. You may need to provide the current mileage, description of issue and post code or road name.

Important Note: If you feel the vehicle is unsafe to drive, do not continue to drive it. Find a safe location to pull over and call the AA from a safe area outside of the vehicle.

Accident Service: 0844 3221553


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If your company uses our Accident Management service please call the FMG 24/7 contact centre on 0844 3221553 in the event of an accident.

If your company does not use our Accident Management service or you require some information about it please call the FleetEurope Operations Team on 01494 435055.

Important Driver information – If you are involved in an accident remember to:

  • Call the 24-hour helpline on 0844 3221553.
  • Inform the call centre if the emergency services are required.
  • Warn your fellow motorists to ensure the area of the incident is safe.
  • Do not admit liability.
  • Obtain details of all parties involved including Name, contact number, address, insurer details, policy number, vehicle make and model, and registration number.
  • Take photos of the accident scene if possible – 5 areas around the vehicle.
  • Take an image of the location e.g. street reference or sign post.
  • Obtain details of any possible witnesses including Name, contact number and address.
  • The helpline will take down the relevant details of the incident.
  • The helpline will arrange recovery of the vehicle if it’s not roadworthy.
  • If the vehicle is not roadworthy it will be taken directly to a repair centre.
  • You will be taken back to your home if this is convenient.